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Our 17th Year Anniversary Already?

We barely began the blog last week, and now we are excited to share with you this amazing milestone. We can't believe it's already been 17 years since Affinity Alliance Mortgage and Real Estate came to be. A day like this deserves celebration!

Because of this milestone, we want to set three goals and aspirations that we hope to attain throughout the following year. Like a common New Year's tradition, we want to invite you to do the same. Goals have a way of inspiring us, to make us reach for more. We want you to reflect upon resolutions you've made in the past. What types of goals did you set for yourself? How did they go and how long did they last?

First. What is a New Year's resolution, or any resolution at all?

A resolution is a chance for someone to set goals for themselves that inspire new and exciting growth. Wikipedia explains it best when it says, "A New Year's resolution is a tradition... in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their life." (Wikipedia)

Change is necessary. Recently, my family has been planning to take a trip to Disneyland. Over the course of planning the trip, I have asked myself repeatedly this question: "What makes Disneyland so great?" After much contemplation, I realized that change makes Disneyland great. Through the constant change of themes, rides and decor, Disneyland is the best around at bringing in new crowds and new customers.

I then began examining other amusement parks that never change, and I started to notice a pattern. Change brings new growth and expansion, but no change brings none.

A resolution to change brings new goals to life. By accomplishing those goals, we will begin to see that growth in ourselves. We will start to see improvement in our lives.

Second. How do I make a resolution?

Now that we understand what a resolution is, we need to understand how to make one. It all starts with determination. We first need to find something in ourselves that needs to change. Whether big or small, once we find that thing, we can create goals that will inspire the desired change. Any goal we can come up with can be used to put together an amazing resolution.

For me, resolutions were never really resolute. To start, I would write up a list of things I wanted to work on. They were goals that I wanted to reach. Sometimes, it was to do better in school or get along better with my siblings. I would write them down and refer to them often. Sadly though, resolving to change is difficult. Along the way, we may find the goals we set too difficult or get sluggish about the whole thing. That's what would happen every year I'd set my own New Year's resolution.

Third. If resolutions are so difficult, how do I make it happen?

Resolutions of any kind require hard work and diligence. They start and finish with dedication. Change can't happen without work. Accomplishments can't happen without endeavor. Improvement can't happen without perseverance. When you set your goals, try your hardest to make them happen. Once you start to see the change, don't give up. Never be satisfied. Keep trying. Seek more change. Be the person you want to be.

Here at Affinity Alliance, we are so proud to have been able to serve the local area for so long. Now, our hopes aren't just to continue, but to improve.

Over the next 12 months, we've resolved to:

1) Provide more superior service to our past, present and future clients.

2) Deepen our current relationships with continual education and better communication.

3) Be happy. ;)

If you have something you'd like to change about yourself, resolve today to do better. It may not be a New Year's resolution, but who says that we can only make goals for ourselves once a year?

Thanks for reading!

Cameron & the Affinity Team


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