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Have you outgrown your home?

Once you’ve tripped over your kids’ toys for the 50th time or have to store pantry items in your linen closet, you may start dreaming of moving to a larger house. But how do you know if you’ve really outgrown your home?

According to Barbara Sukkau, a past president of the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA), many homeowners start eyeing property listings after they’ve reached a new life milestone. “Homeowners tell me that their house feels too small after another child joins the family or when an elderly parent moves in. To them, it can feel like their house has more people in it than closets,” Sukkau says.

Sukkau recommends homeowners meet with a realtor to determine the value of their current home and decide what price range they can afford for a larger house. “Once you know your budget, your realtor will know whether or not you can find a larger home within your price range in the neighborhood you want.”

While some homeowners renovate to solve their cramped-quarter issues, this is not always the best solution. “Some municipalities prevent you from building an extension onto the home or from adding an apartment in the basement,” Sukkau says. “Living through an extensive renovation is stressful, especially when you have kids. A realtor can help you sell your home for the best price to make it easier for you to buy your next home. You may find the perfect house already exists and you won’t have to try to build it yourself.”

OREA points out some other signs that it may be time for you to move:

- Your kids can no longer share a bedroom comfortably.

- Belongings you want to keep are stuck in a rented storage unit.

- You now work from home and need an office that’s quiet and clutter-free.

A realtor’s extensive training can help homeowners decide if it’s time to move or not. Realtors, who are regulated by the province, work for your best interests. Call 801-571-3890 for more helpful information about selling your home.

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